Do you wish to “leave your mark” on our community? There are many ways to make a difference and leave a legacy.

“Thank you Two Rivers Community Foundation for your generous support!”

Connecting People who Care with Causes that Matter.

Promote charitable giving, build and manage charitable legacy funds and endowments and to provide grants and other resources to benefit the residents and communities of the Roaring Fork Valley.


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"Connecting people who care with causes that matter."

2RCF has several ongoing initiatives.

  • Tax-exempt public charities dedicated to improving the communities they serve.
  • Comprised of many funds established by separate donors to carry out their charitable interests to improve communities within a defined geographical area.
  • Based on a philanthropic model of endowed funds - invested to grow over the long term, with the earnings available annually for charitable giving.
  • Designed to pool donations for coordinated investment to provide sustained long term support for that region in the form of grants, scholarships and other resources.

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The 2RCF Board of Directors is committed to achieving our mission: 


Connecting People who Care with Causes that Matter

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